The eternal feast

The eternal feast | Café Gabi’s, gypsies are leaving | CHAPTER | TEASER


When it comes to World War II, the Jewish holocaust or Shoa is known to most people.

Few also know the price paid by the Russians, it was almost forty million dead from hunger and cold.

Nobody talks about European minorities of different ethnic origins such as Muslims or Gypsies. Nobody remembers them. Many of them are of Balkan origin.

It is known that the mass murder of the Gypsies could amount to almost two million dead.

They also arrived in Mexico City from the Balkans.

The famous gypsy with his black bear from the Carpathians, his spider monkey and his tambourine. That’s where the phrase “let the bear dance” comes from.

In the 1940’s, Andalusian gypsies came and also wanted to make La América, most of them settled in the surroundings of Washington Square in Colonia Juárez. In the same neighbourhood, in the cafe Gabi´s they met, and it was easy to attend a “cante jondo” session.

There, families were formed, business were done, “pickpocketing” was practiced, dice games and hand and knife games were played, cartomancy and they also fell in love with passion.

The 1985 earthquake, the economic crises and life took them to Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, sometimes back to Spain, “Café Gabi’s, gypsies are leaving”.