The eternal feast

The eternal feast | la flor de manzanares. today’s specials, fantastic curados | CHAPTER | TEASER


Pulque is the sacred drink of the Mesoamerican Culture, along with corn are the basis on which developed the most important pre-Hispanic civilization.

Although in the Viceroyalty was banned, the pulque survived.

Porfirio Diaz expands and connects Mexico, pulque finds its mode of mass transportation. The pulque stops traveling by mule to travel by railroad.

With the Mexican Revolution its consumption increases exponentially to the degree that pulquerías arise by the thousands throughout Mexico City.

Of the major railroad cargo customs at Pantaco Station, three platforms were for trains carrying more than thirty thousand liters of pulque daily.

However, since the mid-twentieth century, this great commercial and gastronomic feast has been dying because of the disappearance of the railways and railway routes. The Pulque Customs House in Pantaco died slowly and accurately.

Nowadays there are only a few of those memorable pulquerías, with a women’s section.

If you wish to drink pulque, we recommend you go to La Merced. It survives there in the street of the same name “La Flor de Manzanares. Today´s specials, fantastic curados”.