strangers in the night
the sirens call
176 creative leaders

Three of the directors of Gravedad Cero Films appeared in the Telemundo Magazine’s ranking of the most influential media figures in Mexico, Marusia Estrada, Tufic Makhlouf and Sergio Muñoz.

Presea cervantina for Arturo Ripstein

The Center for Art and Culture of the Museo Iconografico del Quijote (MIQ) presents the Cervantina Presea by trajectory to Arturo Ripstein.

Forgotten Masters

Report on the premiere of the series of documentaries Forgotten Masters , Third Season, in the Bulletin of the Public System of Broadcasting of the Mexican State (SPR).

interview to Arturo Ripstein. le monde

Le Mexique en noir et blanc d’Arturo Ripstein. Interview to Arturo Ripstein

interview to Arturo Ripstein. El país

Interview to Arturo Ripstein