The eternal feast

The eternal feast | danubio, sharing thoughts | CHAPTER | TEASER


There are places you go back to. Regardless of what paths life takes us on, one way or another one returns.

The Danubio Restaurant is one of those places.

Founded by Spanish Republicans who came to Mexico with the exile that nourished Mexico with culture and cuisine.

Originally it had been an authentic central European brewery owned by a brave Austrian woman; the place has maintained its appearance and spirit ever since.

It is one of the great classics of Mexico City and we can state that everyone has been at their tables. Everybody.

The Director of this series is one of them. Ever since he was a child he used to come with his family, and no matter what his life has been, he keeps coming back. Maybe it’ s because his life, in one way or another, is related to this iconic place that in the documentary is called: “Danubio, Sharing Thoughts”