The eternal feast

The eternal feast | the Bluebeard. Tales of the Bluebeard | CHAPTER | TEASER


If any city in the world is paradoxical, maybe it’s Mexico City.

By the middle of the twentieth century, Mexico City was all a party. There was development, the country was growing, and the middle class was growing, the population was growing, and the gross domestic product was growing.

Living by day and living by night.

Taboos were broken, schemes were broken.

By night arose the nudity and eroticism repressed for decades.

Nightclubs were actually places to find company.

But everything costs.

And dancing has its price.

And a standard dance is cheaper.

And the cost increases if you hug.

And if it includes touching, then more.

There were lots of these ballrooms in the Colonia Obrera alone: El Barba Azul, El Molino Rojo, El Caballo Loco, El Bar de los Artistas, Casa y Jacal del Indio en México, El King Kong, El Balalaika.

In this story, the paradox is that Bluebeard is fairy tale of a French nobleman who murdered his lovers.

He was a feminicide And the men who attend those places seek the company of women. What a name they gave it! “The Bluebeard: The Tales of the Bluebeard”