Sergio Muñoz

Director and producer of films, documentaries, advertising, and television. Graduated cum Laude from the Cinematographic Training Center.

Winner of national and international awards. His work has been shown and participated in numerous festivals worldwide. He is equally at home directing live performance and in visual creations with leading edge technology.

He has produced feature-length fictional films, documentaries, short films, and advertising campaigns and two telenovelas. He is a music lover and considers music his best companion.

He specializes in telling stories and directing actors, although he is equally comfortable with animation and in visually complex scenes. In May 2013, he debuted his new feature-length documentary Cuidadito cuidadito and produced and directed a series of 15 documentaries Maestros olvidados. He is currently developing a feature-length documentary and two series of documentary short films, combined with his work in advertising.

He continues to work successfully, continuing a professional career spanning almost forty years.