The eternal feast

The eternal feast | mi fonda, world conflagration | CHAPTER | TEASER


The twentieth century, brutal, intoxicated with blood, with worldwide furor. Total revolutions, final confrontations, annihilation the only way out. Only death at the end.

The bloody Spain of the 20th century brought several waves of immigrants to Mexico.

The first one closed the 19th century and with Don Porfirio opened the doors to the merchants, grocers and bakers who came to Mexico wanting to make America.

The second great wave was that of the exiles of the Spanish Civil War. Thousands of children who ended up as orphans, filmmakers, artists, poets left their lives here.

The street of Lopez in the heart of Mexico City was a small branch of the Calle de la Cava Baja in Madrid.

At the beginning of López and Juárez there is a small plate that marks it as the street of exile in Mexico.

There, hidden in the memory between both worlds, is lost in time a small economic kitchen, “Restaurante Mi Fonda” product and fusion of those two immigrations.


And in a second the world burned in the fire.

And all was ashes in the flames.

“My Fonda, World Conflagration.”