The eternal feast

The eternal feast | la faena, Where will memories go? | CHAPTER | TEASER


After Spain, the most bullfighting country is Mexico.

The Fiesta Brava and the cult of the bull comes from prehistoric man, surely Neanderthal.

Then on the Greek islands like Crete is evident the cult of the bull that becomes the mythological characters of Classical Greece.

The Minos Bull and the Labyrinth are two examples, the other Minotaur.

From the eastern Mediterranean the cult travelled through southern Europe and North Africa.

In Spain it finds its definitive home.

The Fiesta Brava is its most spectacular manifestation.

But there are hidden places, almost secret, decadent, forgotten, psychiatric, asylums with alcohol and free entry and exit.

These are places of cult to the Fiesta Brava but above all of cult to the dead bullfighters.

Ghosts imprisoned in glass cages for eternity. They are eaten by moths and bedbugs. Cockroaches party in an inoperative kitchen, tables seldom have a customer.

A place lost in memory.

“La Faena, where will memories go?”