miguel, the thousand and one nights. Teaser


Lebanese-Syrian food is often confused with Arab food. The truth is that for millennia, in the land occupied by Syria and Lebanon, great monotheistic religions of the world coexisted in peace: Jews, Coptic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Muslims; all of them with the same origin and in the same territory, but with variants of language, culture, customs and, of course, cuisine.

The Miguel Restaurant opened its doors in Colonia Roma because, for decades, there was one of the old Jewish neighbourhoods of Mexico City.

Close to a couple of synagogues, it was the everyday place for the Hebrew-Sephardic and Syrian-Damascene communities.

or people who came without a great deal of gastronomic expertise, it was an Arab cuisine restaurant.

That is how it is popularly known the food of the eastern Mediterranean who came to Mexico.

The story of the Miguel tells that its founder cooked for sheikhs and sultans in his native Syria and that his wife danced delightful oriental dances.

Coming in here for a meal, and drinking Turkish coffee with Arak, that dry anise from the Eastern Mediterranean, may be the entrance to the first fairy tale of “The Thousand and One Nights”.