Marusia Estrada

Born in Mexico City. Studied physics at the National University (UNAM) School of Sciences and graduated with a thesis project from the UNAM Institute of Astronomy. Worked in audiovisual divulgation of science for the International Year of Physics, the Earth and Astronomy. Studied filmmaking at the UNAM University Center for Film Studies. Her short film El insecto was chosen to be broadcast on the Mexico City public transportation system, Metrobús. Her short film El sonido de la luz won best leading actor, editing, and soundtrack at the 2011 Lanterna Festival. Her short film El insecto was analyzed in the book La ilusión del cine mexicano by film critic Jorge Ayala Blanco for the publishing house Editorial Océano 2013.

Her documentary Tiempo detenido earned honorable mention in the 2011 Jose Rovirosa awards. The UNAM film library awarded her a scholarship to complete her thesis on film for the CUEC. Her work has been chosen to participate in local and international festivals like the Morelia International Film Festival, San Diego Latin Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival, and the Monterrey International Film Festival.