Delirium tremens Teaser


Daniel is a railroader’s son. 

He was a chieftain in Amecameca at CONASUPO, the National Railways and in a flour company.

Since he was fourteen years old he started drinking.

By the time he was twenty, he was using other drugs that he refused to mention.

At the age of twenty-four he entered, by chance, the Mexico City police force, and soon became part of the most terrifying repressive groups in the country.

In the seventies, during the six-year term of former President José López Portillo, Daniel was part of the white brigades, the angels of death who tortured, raped and murdered thousands of people in the same way as it happened in the Southern Cone dictatorships.

Daniel lived through those years, and those practices by drowning in alcohol, and suffering from delirium tremens.

He gave his documentary a name: The Sexennial of Madness.