Alejandra Islas

She is a filmmaker graduated from CUEC, UNAM. Cinema has been always her passion and documentary is her everyday task. Poetry, literature and painting are part of her delights. Through documentaries she has told stories of rebellion, the search for justice and artistic creation. Her most recognized documentary is Muxes, authentic, intrepid, danger-seeking. Moreover, the shelter, the demons of Eden, the Molinet case have received over fifteen awards and recognitions at festivals around the world. Ten years ago, she founded the Festival of Memory, an Ibero-American documentary. In addition to documentaries, she is also interested in other narratives such as fiction, transmedia platforms and television.

For a second time she has been appointed by the National System of Art Creators (SNCA). In her thematic search, Alejandra has been a courageous filmmaker, who has tackled situations of gender, social injustice, labour inequity, sexual abuse and pederasty. This, combined with an enormous curiosity for culture, film, plastic arts and literature.

Alejandra is a pioneer of multi-themed research regarding to Mexican documentary.